Wherever the display of your content is critical ProSystems will make it look the best it possibly can. With the finest available technologies and techniques to choose from, your brand, message, dramatic, entertainment or sports media content will be presented with state-of-the-art clarity and distinction.

Custom-Tailored Display Technology

Choosing the right viewing surface for your message to appear on is a challenge you don’t have to worry about any more. ProSystems will present your media content on the right surface, at the right size, with the right equipment so you can concentrate on other things – like enjoying your own event. Available options include front or rear-screen projection, flat-screen plasma displays, LED video displays, as well as other cutting-edge techniques such as water displays, virtual sets or environmental projection.


Live and Recorded Content

Most events feature a mix of pre-recorded and live programming,
which requires alert, dedicated operators to manage. Many venues' in-house staff are assigned multiple rooms or even multiple clients to service at the same time - a virtually impossible task. ProSystems' assigns a highly-trained, full-time crew using advanced switching equipment custom-specified for your event to ensure that your program will run smoothly, even if the unexpected occurs. Discrete communications equipment enable crew, event staff and show directors to coordinate even the most complex presentations, so your event will appear absolutely professional at all times.