Notable Works and Clients

Rockefeller Center, NYC–Pro Systems provides various types of large venue displays for indoor and outdoor events at the Center, from 2005 to the present. Events of note include: Christmas in Rockefeller Center in conjunction with NBC, Pro Systems provided four large LED video displays, two hand-erected LED displays on the roof setbacks at 30 Rockefeller Plaza and two massive trailer mounted LED screens parked on 49th and 50th Streets, dazzling the estimated 40,000 person audience. Pro Systems provided a similar service at Rockefeller Plaza for NBC's November, 2008 “Election Plaza” coverage of the Presidential election.

Chanel–The Chanel Sales Meetings are critically important in keeping the Chanel sales force, and their ‘always on’ nature of their sales messaging, consistent in the ever-changing world of luxury fashion and beauty. The Chanel Sales Meeting is a vital tool for all of their luxury brands that are looking to deepen their dynamic consumer sales engagement with brands like Louis Vuitton and Christian Siriano. With a total of 40.8 million followers on Twitter and Instagram alone – Chanel wants to continue to grow their huge following.

At Pro Systems we understand the critical nature of all of the production projects that we produce for our clients when we execute their high-profile projects either nationally or globally. Our high-end AV production equipment is located and warehoused in strategically key points across the United States, that allows us to work seamlessly and on a moment’s notice on the Eastcoast, Midwest, Westcoast and Southern states. When necessary, we partner with agencies and production colleagues for large multi-city and global programs to effortlessly deliver our clients brand and messaging powerfully and consistently.

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